Faculty plays a vital role in ensuring students are able to research options and obtain the course materials they need in a timely fashion. The DVC Bookstore relies on the faculty, to submit course materials requests for your courses each semester. Timely requests allow us to source the materials and obtain an appropriate supply of various formats available; including printed access card e-texts and the like. Delayed course requests may result in inventory shortages and delays in stock availability when classes begin. Please submit your course materials requests before the due date each semester to the best of your ability. For ZTC courses, if you want a ZTC badge on the schedule you need to let the bookstore know if you are using Open Source Materials/Zero Cost Texts. ZTC means there are no required course materials costs for students. However, other costs for physical materials such as a calculator, lab, or art supplies may be required. Also, if all of your requested books are ‘optional’ or ‘recommended’ instead of required, you can still receive a ZTC badge on your course listing. If you are checking No Textbooks on the online entry site, please follow up your online request with an e-mail stating that it is indeed a ZTC course. Please note that if you are directing students to purchase your materials directly from the publisher or from VItalsource or Redshelf; I do still need the course materials information for the the many financial aid students who cannot purchase their materials from these vendors because they have to use their funds on campus. Your students and the bookstore buyer thank you!

If you need a desk/instructor copy or the lowest priced bookstore ISBN, contact the publisher or publisher rep directly. Most major publishers provide the ability to order instructor materials online. If you need the contact info for the publisher, ask the book buyer in the bookstore. If you need a copy immediately and the bookstore has the book in stock; you can purchase a copy and get an extended refund period to tide you over until your desk copy arrives. Make sure you let the cashier know you are an instructor so they can note on your receipt.

Please note:Section numbers change every semester. Please ensure your course materials requisitions must have dept, course, section numbers included. Thank you.

To submit your course materials requests, please click the following button to visit our Faculty Requisitions site.

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